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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

U-compare, a data mining tool

Summary: Due to the increasing number of text mining resources (tools and corpora) available to biologists, interoperability issues between these resources are becoming significant obstacles to using them effectively. UIMA, the Unstructured Information Management Architecture, is an open framework designed to aid in the construction of more interoperable tools. U-Compare is built on top of the UIMA framework, and provides both a concrete framework for out-of-the-box text mining and a sophisticated evaluation platform allowing users to run specific tools on any target text, generating both detailed statistics and instance-based visualizations of outputs. U-Compare is a joint project, providing the world's largest, and still growing, collection of UIMA-compatible resources. These resources, originally developed by different groups for a variety of domains, include many famous tools and corpora. U-Compare can be launched straight from the web, without needing to be manually installed. All U-Compare components are provided ready-to-use and can be combined easily via a drag-and-drop interface without any programming. External UIMA components can also simply be mixed with U-Compare components, without distinguishing between locally and remotely deployed resources.


Monday, July 20, 2009

Windows 7 ?? what is it

will, I have just installed windows 7 ultimate "not Vista :p" 64 bit on my workstation. so what is new. will answering this question is a little bit odd because what i feel is like nothing is really changed. the task bar mmmm i wont bother even i got used to the old one. the driver support is pretty good and you may not need to install any driver. the big question is what is the thing that will eager me to move to windows 7? nothing at all, the problem is windows 7 had a bad eara surrounding it so its sord of inconvenient to move to.

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